Jaden Smith “Batman” [Featured Video]

Jaden Smith Batman

Have you ever wondered what Jaden Smith would look like in a white version of Batman’s suit? Never fear, because after the video release of his song, “Batman,” now you have all the video footage you’ll ever need.

You can tell the video was shot a good while ago, because Jaden is still rocking the dreads he had cut off in early April. Jaden is a sucker for striking visuals—look no further than his video for “Fallen” if you don’t believe me—and this is a new level even for him.

Rappers love comparing themselves to Bruce Wayne because of his massive fortune and propensity for kicking ass, but rarely do you see an artist actually willing to take the analogy to its logical conclusion. Ever wanted to see Batman dab? Jaden’s got you.

words via Complex